Project started off with collaborating with team members primarily through workshops to determine relevant features which was divided into three releases. The features being...
 1. Add new Employees

2. Adjust salary

3. Apply maturity leave

4. Apply leave of absence

  5. End employment

Most import feature is to adjust salary — changing the salary simultaneously changes the occupational pension according pension plan.

Quick pen and paper drafts were later solidified through wireframing tools (Balsamiq)

To verify the design and discover areas of improvements, usability tests were conducted. The tests were done on 9 people, 5 customers and 4 non-customers. They were either done in person or through Google Hangouts. Brief interview session took place after the usability test to strengthen findings and hypothesis.
Current customers and Potential customers.
These fictive persona are based on user data gathered from usability tests.

Editing salary on several people at once.

Detailed information about a specific person

Date: 2019  Category: Service for business owners
Not yet launched.

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